Meet Ashley

Transcript Proofreader and Spreadsheet Designer


Hello, hello, hello! I’m the meticulous and vigilant word nerd and spreadsheet buff here at Peacock Wordsmithing and Sheetsmithing!

Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, I now live in Raleigh. I am a vegan, animal-loving Hufflepuff who enjoys reading, photography, traveling, singing, and going to lots of concerts.

I graduated from NC State University in 2007 with a BA in Communication Media. After working for 9 years as an accounts receivable help desk agent, I decided to use my eye for detail as a freelance proofreader.

I enrolled in a course from Proofread Anywhere and spent 350 hours learning about the parts of a transcript, punctuation rules, and so much more. I graduated in July 2018 and launched Peacock Wordsmithing in August 2018.

Along the way, I developed my own job tracker for Google Sheets, which I eventually decided to make available to my fellow transcript proofreaders. And thus, Peacock Sheetsmithing was born in 2020.

You can read about my education and work experience on LinkedIn.
(And please don’t hesitate to connect with me while you’re there!)