Job Tracker  [Self-Setup]

Job Tracker [Self-Setup]

The Proofreading Job Tracker is a Google Sheets template designed to help you track transcript proofreading jobs. With this tracker, you do not have to do any math or manually fill down formulas.


Custom sidebar interfaces allow you to quickly and easily add jobs and update your progress to show the estimated time it will take to finish a job.


If you raise your page rates, the tracker will use the new rates to calculate totals going forward without affecting the calculations for jobs completed under prior rates.


A Dashboard sheet shows summaries of your job history and charts to help you visualize trends.



With this option, you will receive a PDF explaining how to save your copy of the Proofreading Job Tracker to your Google Drive. You can then follow the Setup Instructions to establish spreadsheet settings and add your clients and rates so that you can begin using your tracker immediately.

  • Format

    Google Sheets

  • License

    Perpetual single-user