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Job Tracker Spreadsheet
for Transcript Proofreaders

The Proofreading Job Tracker is a Google Sheets template with scripted functionality to help you easily add and update job details, monitor your workload, and visualize trends.

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Dashboard Sheet

The Dashboard sheet provides an overview of your work history using summary boxes and various charts.

At a glance, find out how many jobs and pages you've proofed, how much you've earned, how many hours you've worked, and more.

Visualize your earnings over time, compare your clients by pages received or percentage of pages annotated, and see a breakdown of the pages you've read by proceeding type.

Data filters along the top allow you to drill down to review the history for a specific client, job parameter, year, status, etc.

Status Sheet

The Status sheet helps you keep track of what's on your plate.

The top left area tallies the jobs and pages due over the next three days and beyond, and it calculates what you still need to do.

The top right area shows the billing status of recent jobs: the number of jobs and the total not yet added to your invoicing, the total in your billing system but not yet sent, and the total billed but not yet paid.

The bottom area lists your outstanding jobs. Each job has a countdown timer that will change from green to orange to red as your deadline approaches. As you work and update your progress, one column calculates your minutes per page for each job and another estimates how much longer each job will take.


Sidebar Interfaces

You can click the buttons on your Status sheet to open these two custom sidebars interfaces. (Only one sidebar can be open at a time, but I've combined them into a single image here.)

The New Job Sidebar enables you to quickly add a new job. No need to leave your Status sheet when a job comes in or add rows to the Job Log if there aren't enough. The dropdowns even default to your most-used options.

The Job Update Sidebar has two sections. The top part helps you to easily update your progress on a job to see how much time you have left. The bottom section finalizes details for a completed job and removes it from the Status sheet.

Job Log Sheet

The Job Log sheet is where your job data is stored.

Data validation ensures that everything gets entered correctly. The columns that reference lists on other sheets have dropdowns.

Zero math required! Every gray column that contains calculations will populate automatically as you add the required job information. You never have to worry about filling down formulas when new rows are added to your spreadsheet.

Conditional formatting helps you see jobs that were returned late (red Date Out and Time Out), jobs that have been scheduled for return but not yet sent (orange Date Out and Time Out), and invoices that are past due (red Due date).


Rates Sheet

The Total calculations on the Job Log sheet reference your Rates, Upcharges, and Discounts sheets.

The Rates sheet lets you specify a date range for each of your rates. Any expired rates will automatically turn gray.

If you raise your rates, you don't have to worry about affecting the totals for jobs you completed under previous rates. Your spreadsheet will automatically determine the correct rate to use based on the date each job is received.


It's amazing to get a clear statistical picture and be able to compare clients by their hourly rates, percentage of pages annotated, overall pages sent, etc. Very helpful for decision-making. It's an amazing way to collect and display data! It's a very easy addition to the workflow -- entering data is easy and quick and satisfying! And I love the design and colors! Ashley was very patient and helpful when I was learning to use the tracker, which I appreciated greatly because I have almost no previous experience with spreadsheets. This is the best tool I've added to my business this year, and I have no doubt that it will pay for itself by helping me make better decisions to increase my earnings. I'm delighted!

Rosemary S.


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There are two affordable purchase options available:

The Self-Setup option ($30) is perfect for proofreaders who are just starting out and in need of a ready-to-use tracking system. Just follow these easy Setup Instructions, and you'll be ready to get to work in no time!

The second option with Setup Included ($50) is great for veteran proofreaders who already have a basic database or spreadsheet but want to upgrade. I will use your rate sheet, existing data, and other information you provide to get your Job Tracker up and running, then I'll transfer it to you within a week.

Add your selected option to your shopping cart and then check out securely with your credit card or PayPal. Once your payment is processed, you will receive a PDF with instructions for either saving a copy of the Job Tracker to your Google Drive or providing the files and information I need in order to get your Job Tracker set up for you.